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Kevin Werchola

“Kevin embodies a never-give-up attitude.”

DTI Intro to Scaffolding Program

Kevin Werchola had heard about the Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI) through friends and family. After being laid off from his position with the Petroleum Institute, Kevin did what he had to do – revisit training options. Kevin chose the 6-week Introduction to Scaffolding Program offered at GDI’s adult basic education and skills training branch, Dumont Technical Institute (DTI). Kevin started the program in Saskatoon in 2015.

The Introduction to Scaffolding Program was the first time that DTI had partnered with Prairie Arctic Trades Training Centre (PATTC) to deliver a program. Part of the training allows the students to spend a day in the industry with a contractor to get a real feel for the course. Kevin and a few of his classmates spent their day with the Breck City crew. All reports back to PATTC were positive. During their fifth week, there was another group of students attending a week of training for workers already in the industry. Unbeknownst to the DTI students, one of these attendees was a site supervisor who was looking to hire for the upcoming season. Kevin’s work ethic and positive attitude were noticed by this person. Kevin was offered a position with Breck Scaffold Solutions at the end of the week.

Daniel Downs, Program Coordinator describes Kevin, “Kevin embodies a never-give-up attitude. His strong work ethic, dedication to safety, and dedication to his classmate’s success was noticed early by an employer. He was offered a paid position during program time, allowing him to complete his program while being paid. This goes to show you that hard work and perseverance do pay off.”

Dumont Technical Institute staff would like to wish Kevin a great summer working with Breck Scaffold Solutions.

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