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Kory’s Story

Kory Parkvold is a second yearapprentice carpenter at Spike Construction in Saskatoon under the Gabriel Dumont Institute Aboriginal Apprenticeship Initiative.

“Never give up! Always stay positive.”

Staying positive

Kory first heard about GDI Training and Employment  through his father who spoke very highly of the institute and believed that his son was likely to get help and advice if he were to visit a GDI Training and Employment office.

At that time, Kory knew that he wanted to become an electrician but needed more direction from an employment counsellor. Kory’s personal philosophy of “Never give up! Always stay positive,” has kept him going and enjoying his apprenticeship.

His typical tasks include building homes, framing, and “being careful not to fall off the roof or shoot the boss in the leg with his air gun.” Kory enjoys his job and especially the fact that he works outside.

He plans to get his journeyperson certification and make a good career out of carpentry. When asked his secret to success and being positive, Kory says, “Work hard, play harder, stay positive, and never give up.”

Describing GDI as “awesome,” Kory states that it is important to have Métis organizations such as GDI in Saskatchewan to help Métis people. He is “very grateful for the opportunity” that GDI has given him to pursue the career of his dreams. Kory is also thankful to Dwayne Docken, his employment counsellor, for the invaluable guidance, advice and support.

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