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Lacey Hegland Saskatoon Adult Basic Education 2015

Lacey Hegland Saskatoon Adult Basic Education 2015

Lacey Hegland came to Dumont Technical Institute in 2013 and began her Level 3 education in the Saskatoon Adult Basic Education Program and is now completing her Level 4.

“From her first day as a student, Lacey showed her determination to be a successful student. She demonstrated this consistently during her two years with us by attending school regularly, engaging with learning, and achieving competitive marks” explained Lacey’s instructor Danette Senterre.

Lacey has a very young, growing family of four children. Despite the challenge of having young children, and maintaining a home, Lacey maintains exceptional attendance, and work ethic.

Program Coordinator, Tracy LaPrise, says, “Lacey is the ideal student. She tackles every challenge and strives for the best. Lacey steps up to lead her fellow students by doing things such as organizing their Grade 12 graduation. Lacey sets the goal and not only achieves it, but excels at everything she sets her mind to.”

Lacey chose DTI as her educational provider because of the “friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere that allows for a smooth transition for all looking to better their education. DTI is family!”

We are very pleased to say that Lacey will continue to be a part of the DTI family, as she has been accepted into the Practical Nursing Program beginning in September 2015.


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