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Malaina Peigan

Program: Continuing Care Assistant
Education: Dumont Technical Institute

“I knew I wanted to help people in a healthcare setting. It gives me a sense of accomplishment.”

Dumont Technical Institute Student

Introducing Malaina Peigan, a Dumont Technical Institute (DTI) student currently completing her Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) Diploma in Regina, Saskatchewan. When Malaina started her studies, she was working full-time to support her two children while experiencing homelessness and a lot of financial and emotional pressure. She knew that she wanted to do something more for her family, and she dreamed about a career in healthcare where she could make a difference in people’s lives.  

Malaina said she chose the CCA program because she loves helping people, particularly the elderly. She said, “it’s within my culture to respect my elders, and I helped my Kokum look after my Moshum when he was alive. He was very sick,” she added, “I knew I wanted to help people in a healthcare setting. It gives me a sense of accomplishment.” The small class sizes at DTI also appealed to Malaina because she has difficulty speaking up in a group setting. 

Malaina put all her effort into searching for a home and applying for school. She found out that she was accepted to DTI on the same day she secured stable housing for her family—she was ready to start her new chapter. Starting school gave Malaina the boost of confidence that she needed; she said, “I loved the clinicals, I loved school, I loved the instructors and everything else that has to do with DTI.” Her teachers noticed her hard work and encouraged her to continue her studies to become a nurse, her dream career. 

Malaina is looking forward to graduation in May, so “my babies get to see their mom graduate”, and she has already applied for the DTI nursing program in September. Her advice to anyone thinking of going back to school is not to be afraid to ask for help and to always believe in yourself because you might be surprised by what you can accomplish.  

We wish Malaina a bright future in healthcare!  

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