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Taylor Fayant

“Life took a turn for the better, thanks to GDI.”

Individual Sponsorship Program - Practical Nursing Graduate

Taylor Fayant is a young Métis lady and recent graduate of SIAST’s (now Saskatchewan Polytechnic) Practical Nursing program. She is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) at the Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon.

Taylor had always wanted to be a nurse. She started taking classes at Saskatchewan Polytechnic in 2012 and applied for a summer student position, a MeTaWeTan Leader, with the City of Saskatoon in 2013 which just so happened to be a Student Subsidy Program partnership between the Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI) and the City. After being selected as a potential candidate, she was directed to GDI to complete our application & eligibility process. During this initial meeting is when she was also informed about the Individual Sponsorship Program and that she was eligible to apply for funding as a Métis person for her second year of the Practical Nursing program. Taylor noted that upon visiting the GDI Training and Employment Saskatoon office and meeting with an Employment Counsellor, her “life took a turn for the better, thanks to GDI.”

Taylor found the LPN program enjoyable and relevant to her career goals. Among the key things she learned were hands-on practical nursing skills, critical thinking, and organizational skills. She describes her typical workday as a 12-hour shift that varies from day to day. At the beginning of the shift, “you get a patient assigned to you and their report from the nurse whose shift just ended.” Then, “you go around and assess the patients and assist them to get ready for the day, preparing them for treatments, procedures, surgeries, etc.” Taylor likes that throughout the typical shift, she “cares for the patients by providing treatments, administering what the doctors say, medications, as well as patient admission.” She believes that to be able to provide excellent patient care, a nurse needs both clinical skills and empathy for the patient. “Without the latter, the skills alone can only take you so far.”

To this end, Taylor says, “I love the fact that I get to play a role in helping someone recover and see their health improve.” She hopes to get to work in an acute and long-term care facility in a smaller community.

Taylor shares her secret for success thus, “setting small short term goals and reaching them motivates me to reach my long term goals.” She also points out that being focused and having a great work ethic are essential for success. “Not giving up and learning how to turn positive criticism into a learning experience” has been helpful too.

Regarding GDI, Taylor said that “I think it is very important to have an organization like GDI not only for financial support but also for other types of support. Having a counsellor available for anything I needed made me feel that it wasn’t only me who wanted me to succeed. Thank you so much, GDI for everything.” Congratulations Taylor!


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