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Adult Basic Education Level 4 – La Loche

ABE Level 4

DTI is pleased to be offering Adult Basic Education Programming in your community.

This program is designed for people who want to enhance life skills, independence and self-sufficiency. You will be motivated to further your education, training, or employment opportunities after completion of any level of ABE programming.

Level 4 (also known Adult 12) is a credit program. Learners who successfully complete a level 4 may achieve a certificate of standing, which is important for gaining entrance to technical and trade schools, apprenticeship training or university.

Level 4 (Adult 12) – Required courses

  • English Language Arts A 30 and English Language Arts B 30
  • One Canadian Studies course (History 30, Native Studies 30, or Social Studies 30)
  • One Level 20 or Level 30 Mathematics
  • One Level 20 or Level 30 Science
  • Two electives at Level 30 (one may be Prior Learning 30)

Please submit transcripts along with your application.

This program is eligible for Provincial Training Allowance.

To apply or for more information visit your local GDI office, call 1-877-488-6888, or apply online now

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