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Community-Based Master’s Program


The Community-Based Master of Education Program has been designed to provide a unique cohort model of graduate education to educators in off-campus locations in order to more effectively link theory to local educational issues and practice.

The University of Regina’s Community-Based Master of Education, in partnership with Gabriel Dumont Institute, allows you to:

  • Obtain a graduate degree in your community,
  • Participate in a cohort with your local educational needs in mind, and
  • Gain access to high quality, relevant professional development.

For educators seeking an innovative and meaningful graduate degree program.

For more information contact:

Faculty of Education
Office of Research and Graduate Programs in Education
University of Regina
Phone: (306) 585-4502
Fax: (306) 585-5387

Gabriel Dumont Institute
SUNTEP, Prince Albert
Prince Albert, SK S6V 1B2
Phone: (306) 764-1818
Fax: (306) 764-3995

Accessible and Relevant University Education

Program Overview

The program incorporates the following elements:

  • a full University of Regina, Ed. degree program focussing on leadership in the context of Aboriginal Education;
  • a 30 credit hour program: 10 courses offered on-site over a 2½ year period;
  • a cohort of students, forming a community of learners who are able to support each other in their learning;
  • a flexible course delivery, including weekend sessions, summer institutes, and online distance education;
  • the use of information technology to better support links between students and with instructors;
  • content themes tailored to respond to community and student needs including: educational leadership and Aboriginal Education, and curriculum and instruction; and
  • a program Coordinator to offer advice and support to students.

Program Outline*

Year 1
EC&I 857
Writing Project
ED 817
Research Methods With Indigenous Peoples
EC&I 808
Instruction Theory
and Practice
EC&I 821
Culture and Impact on
Education Programs
Year 2
EADM 820
Multicultural and
Anti-Racist Curriculum
EC&I 811
Supervision in Education
EADM 828
Leadership for Inclusive Education
Year 3
EC&I 823: Culturally
Relevant Pedagogy
EC&I 822
Anti-Oppressive Education and Teacher Activism
*Proposed tentative sequence is subject to change.

Program Requirements

  • Two years work experience in the field of education
  • Minimum 4 year Bachelor’s degree–usually Ed.
  • Overall GPA (average) of 70% or higher
  • Completed application form
  • Two letters of reference
  • Letter of intent
  • Current resume or curriculum vitae
  • University transcripts

Program Specifics

  • Location: Prince Albert, SK
  • Time line: July 2017 to December 2019
  • Cost: $14,000 per student payable to Gabriel Dumont Institute

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