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Red Sun: Gabriel Dumont, The Folk Hero by Charles Duncan Thompson Released

May 15, 2017

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Red Sun: Gabriel Dumont, The Folk Hero
by Charles Duncan Thompson
978-1-926795-80-5, $25.00

Gabriel Dumont Institute Press is pleased to announce the publication of Charles Duncan Thompson’s biography of Gabriel Dumont, Red Sun: Gabriel Dumont, The Folk Hero.

With Red Sun: Gabriel Dumont, the Folk Hero, Charles Duncan Thompson upturns generations of Eurocentric scholarship and properly restores Dumont’s indigeneity. In this timely book, Thompson presents the reader with the concept of Gabriel Dumont, the “Brayroo” and the “Valorous Worthy” who selflessly served his fellow Métis and other Indigenous peoples within the context of the Nehiyaw-Pwat (Cree-Assiniboine) alliance. Based on decades of research and on dozens of oral history interviews with Dumont family members and extended kin, the author deftly melds oral histories, legends and traditional stories that portray Gabriel Dumont in a new and refreshing light. This is an innovative, highly memorable book about the “greatest Métis hero of them all.”

For more information about this book contact:
Ryan Nordmarken at ryan.nordmarken@gdi.gdins.org / 306.657.5715
All ordering inquiries should be directed to:
The Gabriel Dumont Institute
2-604 22nd Street West
Saskatoon, SK S7M 5W1
306.934.4941 (T)
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