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Saskatchewan Research Council-Gabriel Dumont Institute Partnership

Aug 10, 2018

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By Rebecca Gotto

The Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) and Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI) Training and Employment have partnered since 2015 to create more opportunities for Métis students in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs with SRC mentors in the same or similar disciplines to help them in their educational and personal growth. Under the Aboriginal Mentorship Program, the mentees also get summer employment placements in positions that are relevant to their studies.Below is the SRC’s view of the partnership with GDI.

The partnership between the Saskatchewan Research Council and Gabriel Dumont Institute has been extremely successful in its short three years. Because of this partnership, SRC has been able to provide summer jobs and mentorship opportunities to six students throughout this time, leading to two of these students, Thomas Lavergne and Chennoa Tracey, joining SRC as permanent employees upon graduation.

This partnership with GDI is a big part of why SRC’s Aboriginal Mentorship Program has been so successful in supporting Métis students as they progress through their post-secondary education with opportunities to learn and grow both academically and personally.

We are excited to continue our partnership with GDI into the future and see what successes come next from it. This summer another GDI client is joining our organization as part of our Aboriginal Mentorship Program. This University of Regina Industrial Systems Engineering student will be placed with our Industrial Engineering team and will be working directly alongside Chennoa. We are thrilled that Chennoa will now be able to move from mentee to a bit of a mentor role as a new crop of students join our program this summer and in the years to come.

Rebecca Gotto is the Manager of Aboriginal Mentorship Program, Saskatchewan Research Council.

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