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Policies and Guidelines

A Note on Language in the Library Catalogue

When conducting searches for materials, users of the Gabriel Dumont Institute Library’s catalogue may encounter language or terminology that is offensive or hurtful. Library staff are sensitive to these issues, and are working to address them wherever possible.

In some cases, such as when offensive terms are used in titles by the original authors or creators of the material, staff have chosen to transcribe this language without changing it. Even though the language is inappropriate by current standards, it reflects the attitudes of the creators at the time the material was created, and changing it would hinder retrieval and obscure the historical record.

In other cases, such as with subject headings which are applied by librarians to describe materials in the catalogue, library staff are actively working to replace biased or inappropriate terms with culturally appropriate, respectful, and inclusive language. These efforts are ongoing, and staff welcome input from library users regarding inappropriate subject headings which should be prioritized for remediation.

Staff welcome feedback, questions, and reports of inappropriate language in the catalogue. Please use the CONTACT form to get in touch

The needs of students, staff, and faculty are always given priority at the GDI Library. However, members of First Nations, Inuit or Métis communities and any others who wish to use the library’s materials will also be permitted borrowing privileges at the discretion of the librarian.


Borrowing privileges come with responsibilities. Please respect the following guidelines:

  1. Please have no more than 20 items signed out at a time.
  2. Please let library staff know when your address or phone number changes.
  3. Please be considerate of other patrons and return your books on time. Staff reserve the right to charge for the cost of lost items, and revoke the borrowing privileges of patrons who do not comply with the borrowing policy.

There are computer workstations available at the library for patron use. Patrons may use these workstations for word processing, emailing, and research, but they are asked not to use them for social networking unrelated to coursework or research.

The computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis, although instructors may reserve blocks of the computers for in-class use from time to time. Notices will be posted informing patrons when the computers have been reserved by instructors.

Printing and photocopying are also available in the library. At present, patrons who are not affiliated with the Gabriel Dumont Institute are asked to pay a printing charge of $0.10 per sheet in cash immediately after printing (no credit). Photocopies are $0.10 per page.


  • Come often and make yourselves at home.
  • Ask questions when you have them.
  • Show respect to staff and other people using the library.
  • Enjoy beverages and food carefully (reusable containers are strongly encouraged).
  • Clean up after yourselves. Please put garbage in the garbage cans and recycling in the recycling bins.
  • Move tables and chairs, if necessary, but return them to their original positions before you leave.
  • Put cell phones on vibrate and go outside for long or loud conversations.
  • Listen to music/video clips with headphones (we have some you can borrow if you need them).
  • Make use of student supplies (scissors, markers, pencil crayons, glue, paper clips, staplers, hole punches, etc.) in the library.


  • Consume beverages or food near library computers.
  • Leave a mess behind.
  • Use the computers for social networking or entertainment unrelated to your research or coursework.
  • The computers are in high demand, and they’re intended for homework and research.
  • Leave your cell phone ringer on.
  • Engage in long or loud conversations on your cell phone.
  • Be disruptive to other people using the library.
  • Reshelve library materials.
  • Sleep in the library.
  • Remove student supplies from the library.

We live on a finite planet with finite resources, and as North Americans, we collectively consume more than our fair share of the Earth’s resources. We encourage our patrons to help reduce our waste and tread more lightly on the planet.


Please ask yourself the following questions before you print:

  • Do I really need this item in print format? Would I pay to print it if I were being charged for printing?
  • Can I double-side my printing? Can I print multiple pages per sheet (e.g. when printing Power Point slides)? Library staff can assist if you’re not sure how to set the printer to do this.
  • Have I done a print preview to make sure I’m using the correct paper size and am not printing unnecessary pages?
  • Do I really need to print in colour, or would black and white suffice? (B&W uses less toner and is less expensive.)


Food and drink are allowed in the library, but not around library computers. If you make a mess, please clean it up; please bring reusable food and beverage containers whenever possible to lessen the waste we are producing for the next generation to deal with.


Please put recyclable paper in the recycling bins stationed through the library, not in the garbage cans. Check with library staff about where to recycle other items you’re unsure about.


Library staff welcome suggestions for further steps we could take to minimize our impact on the planet. Let us know if you have a good idea!


In this section are some useful study reference materials:

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