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Success Story: Dekoda Janvier

Mar 8, 2018

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By Amanda Tobin and James Oloo

Dekoda Janvier completed Institutional Cooking program at the Buffalo Narrows Campus of Northlands College in 2018. The program prepares its graduates for employment in restaurants, hotels, catering facilities, remote mining camps, hospitals, schools and more. About 70 percent of learning involves hands-on training in a commercial kitchen.

Dekoda works as Cooks Helper at the Big Bear Camp in Northern Saskatchewan. We caught up with him to discuss his journey.

Dekoda first heard about Gabriel Dumont Institute via radio. By the time he visited the Institute campus in La Loche, he already had an idea of the program he wanted to take. His conversation with Arlene Lemaigre, an Employment Counsellor at the Gabriel Dumont Institute Training and Employment in La Loche, enabled him to get admission and funding to complete training as a cook.

Dekoda’s dedication and hard work was impressive. Throughout his studies, Dekoda, who is from La Loche, depended on friends, family and well-wishers for rides to and from school in Buffalo Narrows. As he stated, “It was hard, but I had to finish my studies. It was worth it.” Dekoda noted that his motivation was to complete his studies and get a job.

Dekoda’s experience with obtaining his Institutional Cooking Certificate has set a great example of what happens when you work hard to complete a goal. Although he faced many barriers with completing his program he persevered and his efforts paid off. He set his career goal, obtained the necessary training and is now considering moving ahead as an apprentice cook. His hard work is opening many new doors and opportunities already!

Dekoda is thankful for the support and funding from Gabriel Dumont Institute. “The funding was a big help. I would not have completed my training without the financial assistance.”

Today, Dekoda enjoys his work as a cook and plans to become a journeyperson-certified cook in the future. He is considering the Gabriel Dumont Institute Indigenous apprenticeship program.

Dekoda Janvier

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