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Third Annual GDSF Golf Tournament a Success

Jul 15, 2014

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Anyone that has gone through post secondary schooling can appreciate the true meaning of penny pinching. Whether it be eating hotdogs and Kraft dinner for weeks on end, or eating the middle of the loaf of bread that seems to stay longer than the edges, being a student is an expensive venture. Some are fortunate to have family to help out, even if it’s their parents fridge they gratefully get to raid for their own. Others work part time jobs that never seem to remain part time, while trying to fit in time to study for the million papers, midterms and finals that always seem to be at the same time.

Financial assistance can thus make a big difference for the students. GDI provides various scholarships and bursaries to enhance the success of our Métis students. A source of such financial assistance is the annual Gabriel Dumont Scholarship Foundation (GDSF) Golf Tournament.

The Third Annual GDSF Golf Tournament held at the Moon Lake Golf and Country Club on May 30 was very successful. It brought in a staggering $32,036 that was matched by the Provincial Government’s Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Fund, for a total of $64,072.

Last year’s GDSF Golf Tournament raised about $21,000. That same year, 2012-2013, GDSF awarded the largest amount of scholarships to the biggest number of Métis students in the history of GDI. The inaugural On May 2012 raised about $20,000.

Taking on the role of Scholarship Coordinator here at GDI has been very rewarding for me. Albeit, telling some that their application was not complete and dealing with the parents of those who applied for their children has its challenges, it is good to know that we are giving some help to the students. It has been a truly humbling experience to receive the dozens of thank you letters, cards and gratitude from many of our Métis students, who will one day be able to give back to their communities. It is with our help and their dedication that their lives and those of their loved ones will flourish in. On average, this past June Scholarship adjudication, recipients received an award of $1,000 each. May seem like a large amount, but when considering the average student loan in Canada for a four year program is somewhere around $29,300, it’s a drop on the bucket to how much they will contribute in the future.

On behalf of the Institute and the Métis community, we express our appreciation to all sponsors, volunteers, golfers, and everyone who participated in making the tournament a success. The scholarship monies allow Métis students all across the province to flourish in the world of education. It is with help from everyone, that our large Métis community comes together and ensures we have contributing members to take on leadership roles in the future. Together we are making a difference.


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