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Flat Deck Contractor

Company Location Type Posting Date Closing Date
K.M.D. Regina Contract Jul 28, 2014 Aug 15, 2014

K.M.D. in Regina is looking for a “Flat deck Contractor” that would also supply a Driver. They require a 24 foot deck with possible rack; in order to transport rebar and long pipes. The Flat Decks must also have all required straps in order to properly secure loads. The Contractor would take 80% and 20% would go to K.M.D.

The Driver must be either be TDG certified or be willing to obtain certification. They would also be required to have steel toe boots, hard hat, and as well as safety vests. K.M.D. has appx 10 customers that require flat decks and are willing to get more in the near future.


***For any additional information or if you are interested; please contact Gina directly at # 306-543-5286***

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