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25 Recipients Invested Into Order of Gabriel Dumont

Jan 15, 2020

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(SASKATOON, SK)— Saskatoon-based Gabriel Dumont Institute of Native Studies and Applied Research (GDI), a Métis-owned post-secondary and cultural institution with campuses across Saskatchewan, is proud to announce it will invest 25 individuals into the Order of Gabriel Dumont at GDI’s upcoming 40th Anniversary Cultural and Educational Conference.

“The Order of Gabriel Dumont is awarded by the Gabriel Dumont Institute to persons who have distinguished themselves with outstanding service to the Métis of Canada,” said Geordy McCaffrey, GDI executive director. “It is one of the Métis Nation’s highest civilian honours, awarded to Métis and non-Métis individuals based on their achievements and lifetime contributions.”

The medals, which will be presented on the evenings of February 6 & 7, 2020 (see below for details), include three Gold Medals, two Silver Medals, and 20 Bronze Medals.

The Order of Gabriel Dumont Gold Medal recognizes lifetime of outstanding service to the Métis of Canada.

The Order of Gabriel Dumont Silver Medal honours those who have made significant contributions to the Métis.

The Order of Gabriel Dumont Bronze Medal honours GDI students and alumni who have distinguished themselves through leadership, community involvement, and overall performance.

Since its inception, 48 individuals have been invested into the Order. Appointments are made by GDI, based on nominations from the public. For more information about the Order of Gabriel Dumont, please visit our website.

Recipients will be available for media interviews. Gabriel Dumont Institute leaders will present the insignia of the Order of Gabriel Dumont as follows and all media are invited to attend.

Thursday February 6, 2020, 6PM, Saskatoon Inn & Conference Centre
Order of Gabriel Dumont Bronze Medal

Friday February 7, 2020, 6PM Saskatoon Inn & Conference Centre
Order of Gabriel Dumont Gold Medal
Order of Gabriel Dumont Silver Medal

For more information or interviews:
Geordy McCaffrey, Executive Director
Gabriel Dumont Institute
Phone: 306.242.6070

Jean Baptiste (John) Arcand
Saskatoon Area

John Arcand is renowned for his contribution to preserving, promoting, and sharing Métis fiddle
music. He has composed almost 400 original fiddle tunes and released over 10 CDs. The
annual John Arcand Fiddle Fest, which he founded over 20 years ago, attracts fans of fiddle
music from across the world. For his dedication and contributions to preserving Métis and
Canadian heritage, John Arcand has received numerous awards, including the Queen’s Jubilee
Medal, the Order of Canada, the National Aboriginal Achievement (now Indspire) Award, and
the Canada Council’s Molson Prize.

Lawrence J. Barkwell, Posthumous
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Lawrence Barkwell had a distinguished career with the Manitoba Métis Federation (MFF) as the
Director of the Métis Justice Institute and as the Louis Riel Institute’s Coordinator of Métis
Heritage and History. He wrote or edited 11 books and contributed 1,450 articles for the Virtual
Museum of Métis History and Culture. He generously shared his knowledge and mentored
many students, researchers, and community members. A passionate bead artisan, he made his
own traditional Métis-style clothes. For his contributions, the MMF made Lawrence Barkwell an
honorary Métis—the first and only non-Métis to receive this honour.

Clément Chartier, QC.
Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan

Clément (Clem) Chartier of Buffalo Narrows was born at Ile a la Crosse where he later attended
residential school. He is a lawyer, writer, lecturer and activist who has served in both political
and administrative capacities with numerous Indigenous peoples’ organizations nationally and

Mr. Chartier is currently serving his fifth-term as President of the Métis National Council. He has
pushed the Métis Nation’s rights agenda at various levels of Canada’s judicial system and
continues to provide counsel in on-going Métis-specific cases. In particular, President Chartier
has defended a number of Métis hunting and fishing rights test cases across Saskatchewan,
including R. v. Morin and Daigneault (1997) which established harvesting rights in northern
Saskatchewan and R. v. Belhumeur (2007) which established harvesting rights in the
Qu’Appelle Valley Area. Over the past three years, President Chartier has successfully led the
Métis Nation in the new nation-to-nation relationship with Canada, and securing, the first time in
the Métis Nation’s history, over $2 billion in the last two federal budgets. This included funding
for Métis post-secondary education.

Glenn Lafleur
Beauval, Saskatchewan

Glenn Lafleur served on the Gabriel Dumont Institute Board for 15 years. He is a community
leader who has volunteered to work with youth, serving as treasurer of the Crushers Hockey
League, a board member for the Ice Wolves, and council member for the Northern Lights
School Division. Mr. Lafleur has been instrumental in attracting corporate financial assistance
for Métis students in Saskatchewan.

Norma Welsh
Regina, Saskatchewan

Norma Welsh has spent most of her adult life promoting Métis culture and well-being. She was
the first board member of the Gabriel Housing Corporation (GHC). A Regina residential complex
owned by the GHC has been named “Norma Welsh Manor” in her honour. A respected Elder,
Ms. Welsh has shared stories and oral history on the Virtual Museum of Métis History and
Culture, and is a dependable source of wisdom for students and staff at the Saskatchewan
Urban Native Teacher Education Program (SUNTEP) in Regina. Norma Welsh is renowned for
her volunteer work at Métis events.

Will Crawford
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Rhonda Roberts
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Sarah Woytas
Regina, Saskatchewan

Luke Smith
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Davida Ryan
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Laureen (Lucy) Guetre
La Loche, Saskatchewan

Ashley Smith
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Taylor Carriere
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Gwen Hardy Munro
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Nicholas Bage
Regina, Saskatchewan

Dayna Georges
Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

Tyson Ross
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Rosine Thibault
Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

Tanzy Janvier
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Daulton Sinoski.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Nikki Natomagan
Pinehouse Lake, Saskatchewan

Darren Quaal
Smeaton, Saskatchewan

Jennifer McGillis
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Dylan Smart
Langham, Saskatchewan

Tracie Léost
St. Laurent, Manitoba and Regina,

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