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A Teacher’s Experience: Why I Like Dumont Technical Institute

Nov 17, 2016

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By Brian Vass

I am fairly new to Dumont Technical Institute. Last semester, I taught Math and Communications for the Heavy Equipment Truck & Transport Mechanic Training Program in Prince Albert. Now, I am teaching Level 4 Biology and Information Processing in the Adult Basic Education Program in Saskatoon. I obtained a Master’s Degree in Adult and Distance Education after teaching adult students for 17 years, but only recently came back to the field. I obtained my undergraduate degree as an adult, so foraging into the field was quite natural for me, and I still appreciate the students I get to work with.

I have not quite been “Everywhere man,” but I have “Breathed the mountain air, man,” (I can sing the whole song for you some time upon request) and would say that I have had quite an extensive experience in adult education systems across Saskatchewan, which is why I would like to extend my kudos to the way Dumont Technical Institute designs its Adult Basic Education Program to allow for class and course preparation during the work day.

I have worked in similar post-secondary institutions serving a similar clientele, where the workload was a lot heavier, and it had the tendency to cause instructor burnout.

At the same time, all of the Institute staff, both instructor and administrative, are very helpful and supportive, making Dumont Technical Institute an exceptional place to work. I feel blessed to be working here.

I would like to name all of the great people I work with, but there just isn’t enough space for that. Everyone is just so amazing. I suppose there are a number of reasons the atmosphere at the school is so great. The facility is fantastic. I remember my orientation tour. My mouth was in jaw dropping overdrive, and I don’t think I will ever get over it. My office is the size of my living room, and that is only a starter. The classrooms are filled with the newest technology and the students come with Great Expectations, which makes wanting to create amazing courses for them easy.

All students have not been created equal, but some are easier to inspire, in one way or another. I wrote this poem for one of my students on her 27th birthday. I think they all deserve something special for their efforts, and I try to do my part to get them to the next step of their journey. My wife wrapped a piece of cheese cake for the ‘celebration party’. It might not have been much, but it was special . . . like the student.

Happy Birthday Lily

Lily, when you are twenty-seven,

The roses on the vine,

Smell sweeter now than e’er before,

The sun it has more shine.

Lily, when you are twenty-seven

Your smile is half your charm.

Your gentleness and kindness,

Leave strangers in disarm.

Lily, when you are twenty-seven,

The world is yours to own.

It beckons you to claim it.

‘To sit upon its throne.

Lily, when you are twenty-seven,

You deserve an awesome break.

And that is why for Awesome’s sake,

I brought you birthday cake.

Besides, where else can you write bad poetry, and still be loved for it?

Lily holds down a full time job. She works as a security officer working nights on many shifts. She will work from 11:00pm to 7:00am, and then come to school all day.

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