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Book Launch – The Voyageurs: Forefathers of the Métis Nation

McNally Robinson Booksellers
and the Gabriel Dumont Institute
are pleased to present
Zoey Roy
The Voyageurs: Forefathers of the Métis Nation

Wednesday, April 10th at 7pm

Travel Alcove

The Voyageurs: Forefathers of the Métis Nation tells an old story—integral to both the birth of the Métis Nation and of Canada—in a new and engaging format. Zoey Roy’s eloquent spoken-word performance poem about the history of the voyageurs has been transformed into a beautiful book. Zoey masterfully informs the reader and listener of the voyageurs’ history including the support they received from their wives. Combined with Jerry Thistle’s evocative illustrations and Norman Fleury’s Michif translation, this resource becomes a teaching tool, a work of art, and the impetus for further research all in one.

Award winning Cree-Dene Métis poet and educator, Zoey Roy, is making waves across Canada with a synthesis of stories she’s surmised. Zoey has a fierce delivery and is passionate about the indigenous resurgence. She focuses her efforts on eliminating barriers young people have from reaching their potential. She believes youth don’t only have the answer but they are the answer. So, she is committed to walking beside them.

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