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Business Development Workshop

  • The fundamentals of a business plan
    An overview of the components of a comprehensive business plan and why they are important to your own business.

  • Explore your leadership style with DiSC®
    Learn about the DiSC® model and how it informs the role of a leader. Discover your leadership style and priorities on the Everything DiSC® Leadership Map. Learn about the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® process.
  • Trilogy of management
    Learn why an entrepreneur cannot and should not try to “do it all”. Explore how individual decisions impact every other part of your business utilizing the 6 functional areas of business: strategy, marketing, operations, financial, technology, and human resources.

If you are a Métis entrepreneur looking to build a better business, please check out our business development workshop for Startups, delivered by BizAcademi Training in Saskatoon! Métis entrepreneurs can register for $105 and will have access to a full DiSC Leadership Assessment. The interactive workshop will be delivered via Zoom on May 19th from 9am -4:30pm. Seats are limited! Register now at https://www.bizacademi.com/business-development-workshop

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