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David Garneau: Dear John; Louis David Riel

Curated by Blair Fornwald, Assistant Curator

Sunday, November 16, 3:00 pm
In Situ – Victoria Park

This November 16, Dunlop Art Gallery will be presenting a new performance by Regina artist David Garneau. The event coincides with the anniversary of the day that Louis Riel was hanged in 1885. Dressed as Riel, the artist will enact a performative conversation with the bronze statue of John A. Macdonald in Victoria Park. This performance will be part of a dialogue about the import and legacy of the charismatic Metis leader and Canada’s first Prime Minister, who charged Riel with high treason, effectively sentencing him to his death. The performance will also touch on themes of Metis aesthetics, art and activism, and the difficulty of reconciliation. Also join David Garneau and renowned Metis artist, writer and educator Dylan Miner for a post-performance conversation, held at RPL Film Theatre, immediately afterward.

David Garneau is Department Head and Associate Professor of Visual Arts at the University of Regina. His work focuses on painting, drawing, curation, and critical writing. Garneau has an extensive exhibition record and his paintings are in collections including the Canadian Museum of Civilization, The Canadian Parliament, and the Indian and Inuit Art Centre. He has curated several large group exhibitions, contributed texts to numerous catalogues and journals, and has presented talks and lectures internationally. Garneau is currently working on curatorial and writing projects featuring contemporary Aboriginal art exchanges between Canada and Australia.

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