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Goal Setting for 2024 Workshop

GDI Training & Employment and CCDF are introducing the…

Goal Setting for 2024 Workshop

A morning to step away from your business and into an environment where you will find the clarity and confidence to grow your business (and life) in 2024.

Join business coaches Karey Kapell + Crystal Lang in a goal-setting workshop that will help you gain the clarity and confidence required to step into your next level of sales and crush 2024!

This workshop is designed for…

Existing Metis entrepreneurs who have tracked their last year and want actionable goals for 2024 that create growth and alignment for their business.

there are limited seats in this free workshop, so please register in advance here.

what’s included:


2.5 hours of expert facilitation and coaching

Online facilitation and business coaching to help you create aligned goals for 2024 that will see your sales grow. It will also help you create a road map and action plan.

You will take away

  • a defined 2024 goal.
  • a road map to get to your goals.
  • a plan to implement and execute.


Worksheets to guide you

Reflection questions to bring you clarity and confidence on what is possible for you in 2024.

You will take away

  • new ideas on how to get to your goal.
  • new inspirations to get unstuck.
  • motivation to implement.


Mindset practices

Awareness of what is getting in your way and what to do when you start to sabotage or get off track with your goals.

You will take away

  • a self-assessment of your success blocks.
  • strategies to stay out of self-doubt and fear.
  • deeper clarity, compassion, and grace that will allow space for you to grow.

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