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Partnering for Success: GDI and Gabriel Housing Corp

Jun 19, 2014

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By James Oloo

Two Métis organizations with different missions and serving different client groups can collaborate for a common good, namely to serve the Métis community with a goal of building a better future. The organizations are Gabriel Dumont Institute and the Gabriel Housing Corporation.

Since its founding in 1981, Gabriel Housing Corporation has been serving Métis community in Regina by providing low income and affordable housing to those who need it most.

With a portfolio of over 310 housing units, Gabriel Housing Corporation provides housing to hundreds of families, as well as women, children, men and youth who are victims of violence, and/or at risk of violence due to homelessness. Further, it often participates in and assists community events.

The Corporation has an ongoing partnership with GDI. During the GDSF Annual Golf Tournament in 2013 and 2014, it was one of the sponsors and also sent a team to participate in the tournaments.

In April 2014, the Corporation was approached about a donation to support the efforts of “The Healing Hearts Ministry,” a non-denominational ministry/church working among the less advantaged peoples of Regina. It helped by purchasing tickets to the Ministry’s fundraising steak night.

It then donated 14 steak night tickets to GDI Regina students. The students were very happy and excited to go to the well attended and successful event and have expressed their gratitude to the Gabriel Housing Corporation.

The Gabriel Housing Corporation President Ray Hamilton said, “We have enjoyed our involvement with GDI to date and anticipate this to continue.” The Corporation is a member organization of the Métis Urban Housing Association of Saskatchewan Inc. For more information please visit http://www.gabrielhousing.ca

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