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Facilities Operations Update

Oct 23, 2019

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Gabriel Dumont Institute Facilities Management is a unit responsible for maintenance, renovation, and construction of the Institute’s physical fabric. Below are current and most recent projects at the Institute.


Central Office Expansion

Expansion of the Institute Central Office in Saskatoon is on target for a completion date of June 2019. The new space will house the Métis Museum, Publishing Department, a boardroom, and office space. We have recently punched through from the existing building to the new structure providing a better visual on how the two structures will be tied in. The mechanical, plumbing and electrical rough in are currently underway. Window and door frames are being installed with glazing arriving soon. The elevator system is currently being installed as well as front entrance features such as timber beams. The stucco finish has been completed on the east and south sides on the new addition.


Inspections are being carried out by the Architects, Engineers as well as City of Saskatoon Inspectors to ensure compliance with the design drawings, and existing by-laws and building code requirements.


As the temperatures begin to rise, we will be starting landscape work around the new building as well as developing the new parking area located across the back alley.


1003 Warehouse expansion

Last fall, we added a 500 square foot space onto the existing garage structure located at the Dumont Technical Institute building on 1003 22nd Street West Saskatoon. This project has now been completed and the permit closed. This space will be utilized for GDI Publishing storage.


La Loche Campus

The Campus is fully functional with students, clients, and staff all settled in. Over the past year, we have worked on completing various deficiencies and landscaping work utilizing the carpentry training program for the construction of fencing and walk-ways. We also installed central air conditioning systems on a couple of the central heating systems which should help out in the summer months. The La Loche addition provided the much needed classroom and training space and is a huge asset for the Community.


La Loche Staff Housing

Dumont Technical Institute staff housing project is about 98 percent completed. We will be looking at the landscaping items as well as fencing in the spring of 2019. We are planning to work with the carpentry training program again this year with the construction of fencing around the staff housing units.


We were experiencing water infiltration problems into the basement area at the duplex project. The La Loche-based Methy Construction & Maintenance provided additional landscape work and barriers to prevent further intrusion. We will carry out another assessment after the snow around the building starts melting in the spring.


Planned Projects

The Institute facilities as a whole are functioning well. We have had no major issues this winter and continue our regular maintenance and planning. There are a few larger items that we will be addressing over the summer and fall of 2019. In particular, the roof at the Prince Albert facility has reached its full life and we will be seeking estimates for the roofing replacement. This has been identified in the budget process along with other replacement items. We had painted the exterior on this facility about five years ago and experienced a major paint failure. I was able to somewhat resolve this issue with the General Contractor by means of re-imbursement of $15,000 which covered the majority of the new scrape and paint. For any questions or concerns regarding the Gabriel Dumont Institute facilities, please contact Greg MacLeod, Facility Manager, at greg.macleod@gdi.gdins.org.


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