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Facilities Operations Update

Oct 23, 2019

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Gabriel Dumont Institute Facilities Operations and Management is the unit responsible for maintenance, renovation, and construction of the Institute’s physical fabric. Below are the updates on the Institute facilities.


The end of August 2019 will wrap up an exciting year of construction which has included very exciting and rewarding projects. The expansion of the GDI Central Office Building on 917 22nd Street in Saskatoon that started in the summer of 2018 has been completed which includes a new roofing system as well as new heating and cooling systems. The new 8,400 square foot space now houses the Métis Culture and Heritage Department and Gabriel Dumont Institute Press. It also includes new office space for GDI Training and Employment employees as well as a new Institute boardroom.


The grand opening for the 917 22nd Street facility is projected to be this fall and will be announced as soon as possible.


A new parking lot has been built at 114 Avenue J South behind the Central Office Building while existing parking lots at both the Central Office and the Dumont Technical Institute Building on 1003 22nd Street West have been renovated.


Facilities Operations and Management unit will continue to be very busy in the fall with ongoing projects such as the roof replacement and interior renovations at the GDI Prince Albert facility following a flooding event this spring.


In recent years, the Institute has made significant investments in all of its properties in Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, and La Loche. We are very proud to provide a safe and positive learning environment that is interactive, engaging, and affirms Métis culture and identity

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