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Finance & Operations Update

Nov 17, 2016

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By Cory McDougall

With the busy fall intake period over and everyone settled back in, we thought it might be a good time to remind folks of a few initiatives we are working on.

Payments by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) are becoming more and more popular. Forms for staff and vendors are available in the “Forms” section of the intranet if you (or an interested student/client/employer) would like to sign up for this.

The “Forms” section of the intranet has been updated. You should be able to access all forms required for day-to-day work in this section. If there are forms you feel should be added, please contact support@gdins.org.

Management Reporter is now available exclusively through the intranet. We will be sending emails when new reports are published along with monthly tips for navigating Management Reporter. Individual or group training is always available if you’d like to know more.

Who to Contact

We have sent out a listing of support staff to contact for almost all Finance, IT and Operations issues. This was done via mass email and it is also available in the intranet “Forms” section. The hope is that this will help to serve staff and clients better by removing the frustration of not talking to the right person the first time you call to resolve an issue.

If there are questions or suggestions on any of these items, please contact us at cory.mcdougall@gdi.gdins.org. If you are unsure how to access the intranet, please contact support@gdins.org.

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