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Fourth Annual GDI Golf Tournament

May 25, 2015

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So it’s that time of year again! Better pull out those clubs, shine the shoes and hit the driving range to rid those kinks that develop over the winter.  The Gabriel Dumont Scholarship Foundation Golf Tournament Fundraiser is set to go Friday, May 29th at Moon Lake Golf & Country Club.  A full day of golf, banquet, prizes and fun will allow the Scholarship Foundation to showcase some of our recipients, fundraise money and socialize with community partners that all help create our Foundation.  All funds raised will be matched by the Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Fund, therefore please expect to pick up 50/50’s, prize tickets and other fundraising opportunities that promote our fundraiser!


The inaugural GDSF Golf Tournament held in May 2012 raised about $20,000. The Second Annual GDSF Golf Tournament in 2013 raised just over $21,000, and last year, we raised $32,036. All the monies are matched by the Provincial Government’s Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Fund.


In 2012-2013, GDSF awarded the largest amount of scholarships to the biggest number of Métis students in the history of GDI. That record was broken last year when the Institute awarded 322 scholarships worth over $223,000. To date, GDSF has awarded 2,490 scholarships worth over $1,470,075 to Métis students.


With your supervisor’s approval, staff members will receive a day of golf with supper for $82. If golf isn’t your thing, but still want to come out and join us, supper only tickets are available for $25.  Please visit our website at and look under Student Services to find our online golf registration form.  We look forward to seeing everyone out there!

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