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GDI COVID-19 Update

By Desirae Barker

Nov 4, 2020

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Abby Pelletier. Photo by Desirae Barker

Earlier this month, a revised procedure regarding masks for all the Gabriel Dumont Insitute (GDI), Dumont Technical Institute (DTI), and GDI Training & Employment (GDITE) facilities was sent out. It is as follows: Currently, the best public health evidence available tells us that masks make a difference in the fight against COVID-19. Due to the nature of GDI program brokering arrangements, all programs will follow, at minimum, the guidelines regarding COVID-19 precautions as determined by the accrediting university (U of S/U of R), including the use of face masks (non-medical mask or cloth face-covering) at all GDI (NITEP, SUNTEP, GDC, DTI, and GDITE) facilities. Effective immediately, all staff and students—as well as visitors, contractors, and vendors—accessing a GDI (NITEP, SUNTEP, GDC, DTI, and GDITE) facility or program location will be expected to wear a face mask in all indoor common spaces. This includes hallways, lobbies, elevators, other designated shared spaces (any area outside one’s immediate office), and when entering and exiting the building. Masks will be available on-site for visitors who do not have their own masks.

Due to the rising cases of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan, especially Saskatoon, the staff at head office are working from home as much as possible in efforts to reduce contact between employees. Departments are incorporating half-time approaches to limit in-office work time. Many staff work from home offices to continue to support students and clients.

This is a reminder to please follow all mask use guidelines and ensure you are informed about the Institute’s most current COVID-19 procedures and updates. More info can be found here: https://gdins.org/covid-19/

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