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GDI Recognizes Publishing Staff for their Service

Sep 2, 2016

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By James Oloo

Over the past few months, Gabriel Dumont Institute has been honouring the employees for their dedicated service and commitment to the Institute’s success. To this end, the Human Resources Director Jim Edmondson has travelled to the Institute Centres around the province to personally acknowledge and thank employees for their service, and to recognize the Institute’s commitment to its employees.

One of the most recent of such events was held at the end of July at the Publishing Department Gallery. Jim told Publishing Director Karon Shmon (10 year service), and Curriculum Developers Darren Préfontaine (15 year service), and David Morin (10 year service), that, “The Institute values your contribution to the organization.” He gave each of them a “culturally-specific yet valuable gift” of a watch engraved with the Gabriel Dumont Institute logo.

Jim explained that years of service were rounded to the nearest five on the employee recognition plaque that is now available at Gabriel Dumont Institute Centres across the province.

Norman Fleury, a surprise guest to the event, led an informal conversation around a circle asking Karon, Darren, and David about their experience at Gabriel Dumont Institute. Some of the responses are summarized below.

Karon Shmon noted that “Gabriel Dumont Institute promotes employee development and enables its employees to pursue their strengths and achieve their dreams.” She hailed the Institute as an employer of choice with a high retention rate. She feels this, in combination with competitive salaries, makes people want to stay.

David Morin declared that, “I am one of the lucky people who thoroughly enjoys what I do.” David pointed out that he “values the relationships that working at Gabriel Dumont Institute has given him with the community”.

In describing how dedicated David is in his role as Curriculum Developer, Karon stated, “If Gabriel Dumont Institute were an automotive place, Dave would be a mechanic!”

David said that a key challenge he has experienced is “Working with Michif language, yet it is also fun at the same time.”

Darren said that Gabriel Dumont Institute offers an environment that makes it possible for employees to excel. “Being around supportive people allows me to explore and pursue my strengths.” Karon added that, “Darren’s interests and abilities fit very well with what Gabriel Dumont Institute needs and stands for.”

In her concluding remarks, Karon stated that she is always pleased when her colleagues see what we do at the Institute as legacy work, and not just a job.

Congratulations and very best wishes Karon, Darren, and David.

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