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Geordy McCaffrey Receives Prestigious Award

By Lisa Bird-Wilson

Apr 3, 2020

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Gabriel Dumont Institute’s Executive Director, Geordy McCaffrey, received the prestigious Order of the Métis Nation award at a ceremony in Saskatoon on March 9, 2020. The Order of the Métis Nation, bestowed by the Métis National Council, is the highest award of honour and recognition that can be conferred upon individuals who have made a significant contribution to the Métis Nation.


Geordy’s career at the Gabriel Dumont Institute spans 27 years and, in that time, he has made a significant mark on Métis education and heritage in the province. As the longest-serving Executive Director, Geordy provides accountable, professional leadership for the Institute. Over the past 17 years, under Geordy’s leadership, GDI has experienced unprecedented stability and growth. Revenues for programs and services have quadrupled, and best of all, student numbers have increased five-hundred percent.


Geordy can be credited with paying special attention to strengthening the Institute’s governance, which is representative of the communities and the Métis Nation, while at the same time maintaining the arms-length relationship built-in by the founders of the Institute. Further, Geordy led the Institute in its bid for federal employment and training contracts and established GDI Training & Employment in 2006. His vision and passion for the Institute have resulted in a beautiful new building in Saskatoon which is home to a museum, gallery, and special collections as well as all of the Saskatoon-based GDI staff. The new building, in its form and function, is the realization of a long-held dream for a Métis Centre of Excellence.


Under Geordy’s quiet humble leadership, the Institute has flourished. He has the keen ability to observe, analyze, and act on trends and opportunities while building partnerships and alliances that enhance the Institute’s performance. His legacy includes a gender-balanced Métis senior management team and a human resource base of over 200 staff whose families and livelihoods are better off because of GDI. Geordy’s vision for GDI and his passion for the work of the Institute, along with his sense of humour and affable personality, mark him as a truly remarkable Métis leader.


A graduate of the Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program, (SUNTEP, class of ’93), Geordy has committed his career to providing similar positive opportunities for other Métis students across Saskatchewan. In 2002, Geordy earned an MBA from the University of Saskatchewan.


The Order of the Métis Nation award recognizes the positive and measurable impact a recipient has made in moving forward the existence, rights and aspirations of the Métis Nation. A recipient’s contributions can be made in the political, cultural, advocacy, judicial, educational, social, scientific or other field. Geordy joins an enviable list of past recipients, including some of our legendary leaders like Harry Daniels, Jim Sinclair, and Elmer Ghostkeeper, as well as national leaders, former Prime Minister Paul Martin and current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Congratulations Geordy.

Geordy McCaffrey (right) Congratulated by the Métis National Council President Clément Chartier on receiving the Order of the Métis Nation Award

Photo courtesy of MNC

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