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Green Lake Literacy Carnival

By Renee Pouliot and Jade Shmon, DTI Summer Students

Jan 12, 2023

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On Thursday August 11th, 2022, Dumont Technical Institute (DTI) hosted a literacy carnival in Green Lake, Saskatchewan. Five staff members made the trip north to host the carnival from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the Community Hall. Youth of all ages attended the carnival, which drew a total of 45 participants.

Dumont Technical Institute Director, Michelle McNally, shared “the purpose of the literacy carnival was to connect with the Northern communities. DTI wants to show the youth and their families what we have to offer and to see if there is any need or want for programming in the future. We felt it was also important to offer culturally-based learning activities to help promote appreciation and respect for the Métis culture and to strengthen and support Métis identity.”

DTI planned the carnival so it would provide a fun, stimulating, and educational environment for youth to connect with Métis culture, DTI staff, and each other. Two of the activities focused on teaching Michif using the different kinds of weather as examples and a craft for making felt flowers. The bright colored flowers against the black background represented the different colors and patterns of Métis flower beadwork. To incorporate Métis history there was a Métis sash bag activity where individuals could learn about Métis leaders such as Gabriel Dumont and Louis Riel. Another activity was the beaded Métis flag made with safety pins. Games such as bowling, and ring toss were added to the fun.

“I’m gonna have my mom read me ALL these bunch of books tonight!” – Daisy

“I get to take all these books home? Seriously?!” – Romeo

Along with the activities and crafts, DTI had a wide variety of literacy materials for all ages to take home. There were Michif books, activity books, children’s story books, and chapter books available. There were also draws for door prize baskets and the Métis sash bag. Overall, the carnival was a success and allowed for quality conversations and a positive experience with community members.

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