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“I am ready for takeoff,” Says Cody Montagnon

Sep 19, 2017

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By James Oloo

Cody Montagnon is the latest Gabriel Dumont Institute Aboriginal Apprenticeship Project’s client to earn a journeyperson certification. On June 23, 2017, Cody received his Construction Electrician Journeyperson certification from the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission. He currently works for Double Diamond Industrial Structures in Saskatoon.

While in high school, Cody made a decision to pursue a career in the trades. He came to Gabriel Dumont Institute right after high school for advice. As he reminisced, “It was great to come out of high school and get very helpful information from GDI about their apprenticeship program. GDI told me that they would help me be indentured with SATCC in my first year. It was a good opportunity.”

Cody points out that the biggest challenge during his apprenticeship was technical training. “I spent at least three hours each night studying. I struggled with math. But, I worked hard and passed. I never thought I’d do well in math the way I did. It’s possible if you put your mind into it, and give it your best.”

Cody stated, “I liked the experience and continuity at Gabriel Dumont Institute. I had Dwayne Docken work with me throughout my apprenticeship.” Dwayne is an employment counsellor at Gabriel Dumont Institute Training and Employment. “GDI was awesome. They helped me get job placements, good network within the industry, plus they provided me with (financial) support to buy books, tools, work boots, and for transport to the work site. Whenever I got discouraged, Dwayne was always encouraging me to keep going.”

Cody continued, “Many times, I almost gave up and quit the program. I had many challenges. But, I made a personal goal that I was going to get my journeyperson (certification) no matter what and however long it takes. I did it, and it feels good.” He goes on, “I recommend GDI to anyone who thinking of going into trades. Apprenticeship training involves a lot of work before you can get your journeyperson, but GDI made it easier for me with its supports.”

Cody’s future plans include starting his own company, “I am ready for takeoff,” he said, smiling.
For a participant in an apprenticeship program in Saskatchewan to become a certified journeyperson in a chosen trade, the SATCC requires the following. The participant finds employment in the trade and be indentured (registered) with the SATCC office as an apprentice. The apprentice then completes all levels of training including hands-on training while working under contract with an employer, and technical training in a classroom setting. Upon completing all apprenticeship levels, the apprentice writes the certification examination at the end of training.

Form the moment a participant is accepted into the Gabriel Dumont Institute Aboriginal Apprenticeship Project until their final day in the program, Gabriel Dumont Institute Training and Employment assigns then an employment counsellor who works closely with them.

Gabriel Dumont Institute Training and Employment ran a very successful GDI Aboriginal Apprenticeship Initiative (2011-2014) under the federal Skills and Partnership Fund. The initiative met and exceeded all its targets including creating 223 new trades-related jobs and having 157 indentured apprentices. In early 2015, Gabriel Dumont Institute and Western Economic Diversification Canada officially announced a three year $8.9 million GDI Aboriginal Apprenticeship Project (2014-2017) with a federal investment of $3.1 million. For more information please contact apprenticeships@gdins.org.

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