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Métis Hospitality at a Regina Career Fair

Mar 8, 2016

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By Darcie DeBruyne

Although the Business Section of the newspapers has recently featured articles on effects of the falling oil prices, and our students are still looking forward to their Spring Break, Career Fair season is upon us.

Career fairs provide a convenient opportunity to meet with a number of organizations that are recruiting for new employees. It is a way to network and establish partnerships with employers and service providers; and offers a space to meet individuals considering educational or career opportunities. For Gabriel Dumont Institute, career fairs also enable us to participate in our communities.

On February 11, 2016, staff from Dumont Technical Institute and the Gabriel Dumont Institute Training & Employment in Regina participated at a cultural awareness career fair at the Regina Food Bank. To help promote the Institute, as a Métis-owned organization, as well as our Métis heritage, Shanna Morrison and I made and served hamburger soup and deep fried bannock.

Our booth was busy as we greeted attendees with a bowl of hot hamburger soup, a piece of deep fried bannock, and information on programs and services offered by Dumont Technical Institute and the Gabriel Dumont Institute Training & Employment. It was a great event that was well received, and Métis hospitality was acknowledge and appreciated. We are looking forward to the next time we are able to do this again

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