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Micro-Credential Pilot Program a First for DTI

Dylan Pelletier, Program Coordinator

Mar 16, 2022

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Dumont Technical Institute is proud to be offering the online SAGE 50 Accounting Software Training Program in March-April 2022. This program will be a first of its’ kind for DTI. It will be an online micro-credential course. A micro-credential is a certification of assessed competencies that is additional, alternate, complementary to, or a component of a formal qualification. Micro-credential courses are usually quicker and more focused than formal post-secondary courses, and they are typically non-credit. SAGE 50 is one of the most popular small-business accounting software packages on the market and it is very common in northern Saskatchewan. The students of the SAGE 50 Accounting Software Training Program will receive in-depth training on how to better utilize the SAGE 50 software. Many of the students may already be using SAGE 50 in their jobs but they want to learn how to use it more efficiently.

Several months ago, the Primrose Lake Economic Development Corporation (PLEDCO) approached DTI with the need for training for northwest Saskatchewan residents in the SAGE 50 accounting software. PLEDCO represents the northern communities of: Ile-a-la-Crosse, Beauval, Jans Bay, and Cole Bay. PLEDCO has been an excellent partner with DTI over the years and they were willing to fund the training of the students from their region. DTI jumped at the opportunity to work with PLEDCO. After some research, it was decided to broker a micro-credential program from Saskatchewan Polytechnic and offer it online.

Since this was a new venture for DTI, we were not sure of the level of interest this program would have in the PLEDCO region. The response from the communities was fantastic. In just two weeks, we received over 60 applications from across the province including over 40 from the PLEDCO region. Due to the overwhelming demand, PLEDCO and DTI have discussed the possibility of offering the program again in the near future.

The program is 24 hours long and will take place over 4 Saturdays in March-April 2022 and it will be taught online. The program is targeted at folks working in the community and therefore we wanted to offer it outside of regular work hours. As long as a student has a Windows-based computer and internet, they can take the training at no cost if they reside in a PLEDCO community. Twenty excellent students have been selected and they will start on March 12. Their first morning will consist of lessons on Metis culture, history, and language; afterwards they will jump into the accounting software.

The SAGE 50 Accounting Software Training Program is already a huge success and it has not even started yet. We at DTI know that the students will receive excellent training and go on to help their communities with their enhanced accounting knowledge. DTI looks forward to continuing to work with PLEDCO to offer excellent business training to northern Metis residents for many years to come. Good luck to the students of the SAGE 50 Accounting Software Training Program.

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