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Miyoonakishkatoohk Students

By Marilyn Black, DTI Program Coordinator

Oct 12, 2021

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Taanishi (Hello)! Students at DTI are the most important stakeholder and the reason why we are here. The staff have been diligently planning and preparing for the upcoming ABE programs in Saskatoon; Adult Basic Education Levels (ABE) 3 & 4 as well as the Workplace 101: Early Childhood Education Level 1 (WP101: ECE L1). We believe and follow the principles that learners come first and can be successful through respectful relationships, caring support, and genuine encouragement.

We all have the same goal – to help folks create academic and employment opportunities. We deliver high-quality education through interactive, relevant learning activities.  What makes DTI truly exceptional is that Métis culture is integrated throughout the content and environment. The priority to learn about Métis culture drives everything that we do. The staff and students learn about Métis-style ribbon skirts, Michif language, tobacco and muskeg tea ceremonies, traditional cooking, beading, embroidery, fiddling, and much more while meeting the curricular outcomes. Everyone enjoys learning from and with each other as we appreciate that people come with their own stories, strengths, skills, and knowledge.

Programming this year will continue to be delivered in a hybrid blend of online and in-person classes. We are flexible to accommodate any changes as needed due to the pandemic. Student and staff health and safety are paramount. At this time masks will be worn and we will carefully follow the public health recommendations.

The Staff and I extend welcoming messages to the incoming 2021-2022 students:

Shawna Dubiel (SK ABE Instructor)
Taanishi Shawna Dubiel dishinikaashoon (Hello, my name is Shawna Dubiel). Welcome to the wonderful world of Adult Basic Education! Whether you are a returning student or brand new to our institute, you are a valued member of our learning community. My goal is to create a learning space where every member feels safe and respected. My advice to you for guaranteed success this year is simple: come to school every day; complete your schoolwork, as assigned; and, communicate with your instructors. La bonn luck (Good luck)!


Janelle Duplessis (SK ABE Instructor):
I would like to welcome new students and staff to ABE Saskatoon!  My name is Janelle Duplessis.  Even after 15 years of teaching at DTI, I am still just as excited to begin a new school year.  We have an action-packed year ahead!  DTI embraces our Métis cultural heritage and proudly offers many opportunities to participate in cultural learning.  As in past years, my goal is to encourage learners to develop the skills they need to be successful.


Randi Ross (SK ABE Instructor):
Taanishi, Randi Ross dishinikaashoon! I am new to Dumont Technical Institute, but I have been on staff with the Gabriel Dumont Institute for over 3 years and I am really excited to be here and join on your educational journey. As an educator, I strive to create a safe and fun learning environment the creates space for every learner. We will have a great year, I know it, and to make it the best it can be let’s all start with one main thing: show up. Just show up with a good attitude and open mind and together we will create the rest. Much like the other instructors I expect good attendance, I believe communication is key, and deadlines are in place to help manage your time and help you succeed, so let’s get started! Maarsii poor soopii!


Renee Zhao (WP101: SK ECE L1 Instructor):
Hello, I am Renée and I just joined the GDI family as an ECE instructor. I’m passionate about education and I enjoy interacting with people of diverse backgrounds. I am a family person and in my free time, I like to spend time with them. I look forward to meeting everyone this upcoming academic year!


Amanda Fisher-Laframboise (Administrative Assistant Registration Department):
Amanda Fisher-LaFramboise:  Tansi Pihtokwi! Hello and Welcome to Dumont Technical Institute. I can’t wait to meet you all!! Being accepted in the Adult Basic Education Program is truly a gift. I am so grateful to witness you all on your journey of building a brighter future. It will be so great to see you all wearing your cap and gowns with the beautiful Métis Sash at Graduation!!



Lauren Dhaliwal (Administrative Coordinator PTA):
Taanishi, Lauren Dhaliwal dishinikaashoon!  I run the ABE Student Registration department and I manage PTA for our school.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or issues with PTA.  I would like to welcome you to DTI and my hope for you is that you have a memorable year as you achieve your academic goals.  We look forward to supporting you towards your success!


Trenna Vanghel (Program Support Facilitator):
Welcome to all new DTI students as you begin (or continue!) your learning journey within our institution. My name is Trenna Vanghel and I am the Program Support Facilitator for DTI Saskatoon-Prince Albert area. All of our staff here are extremely excited to begin the year and get working! Our united goal is to create an atmosphere of learning where everyone can succeed and feels like they belong. I look forward to meeting you all, and my door is always open. Congratulations on this huge new step you are taking! Payhtuk! (be proud!), You are going to do wonderful things


Marilyn Black (Program Coordinator):

My role is to provide support in any way possible.  We use a collaborative approach so that you have a team to ‘wrap around’ as you walk the path towards a bright future. We believe in you, value your story, and want you to know that you belong, that you will always have a ‘place at the table’. Maarsii!

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