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NEW VPN Multi-Factor Authentication

By Gareth Griffiths

Jan 16, 2023

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The Gabriel Dumont Institute is increasing our Cyber Security safeguards by introducing multi-factor authentication (MFA) to any external network connections, especially VPN connections. All users will have to use a cellphone, tablet, or iPod to make a successful VPN connection. As of January 2023, the MFA on VPN connections to the main networks are now live.

We are running a synchronization routine on the server where all staff that have permission for VPN connections are automatically enrolled in MFA through Cisco Duo. If you are registered and setup for MFA, you will see an email from Duo asking you to enrol and setup the phone to use. It requires the use of a small app on your phone that is easy to setup. IT has created a user guide that will walk you through the steps needed to setup Duo. If you have not received a copy please email Gareth.griffiths@gdins.org or visit this general guide link: https://guide.duo.com/enrollment

This change will affect external connections to access shared drives, Management Reporter and any other resource physically hosted on our servers. At this point, it does not affect cloud hosted solutions like Brightspace, ERPx, email, OneDrive/Sharepoint nor will it affect access to resources when physically on one of our main locations.

If you do not want to enroll in this, and if you never access shared resource remotely (H: Drive, S: Drive, etc.), please let IT know and we can remove you from the system. It is possible you previously had an account during lockdown you don’t need anymore. Conversely if you would like to be able to access your shared data remotely, please let IT know and we will add you.



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