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Office Administration in Regina has Embraces Online Learning

By Kristen Rutten

Jan 11, 2021

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As the first to kick off the online learning platforms this fall, the instructors and students hit the ground running.  Long time employee, Kristen Rutten, welcomed Derek Stovin onto the Regina Office Administration Team.  Our team also includes Kathryn Schonhoffer, who leads the students through Medical Terminology.

The benefits of online learning are apparent as we make our way through our semester:

  • Nearly 100% online attendance rates
  • Academic Achievement
  • Family/School Balance
  • Connection to Staff

In a recent survey asking students for ways to sustain and improve their online learning experience, the key to program success is in instructor engagement through MS Teams.  Students feel connected and supported.  Almost five stars! Here are just a few quotes:

“Our instructors have all been very engaged and connected with us.”

“It’s really good, they are always making sure we are fully understanding.”

“I feel very connected with the instructors. I am not shy to ask questions when I am not understanding something.”

Why is online learning working so well for our students?
This year has provided a unique opportunity for adult students to learn in a different way.  No longer do they have to choose between their education and their sick child or being a Mom and taking their child to an appointment.  This year, they are able to have balance and do both.  Students can attend class online and never miss a beat.  Other student reasons included anxiety and mental health no longer being a barrier to them attending.  They are able to listen in and feel comfortable in engaging in the class, when a traditional classroom may have increased their anxiety levels during a difficult time.  Students can also work at their own pace, spend additional time on learning outcomes they find more challenging, engage more deeply with topics they find personally interesting, and working more quickly through the material where less reinforcement is necessary.

How does Office Administration Regina deliver their online program?
Students participate in a “traditional” classroom schedule delivered through Microsoft Teams daily. Microsoft Teams offers a social aspect including much chatting – the students get to “know” each other.

Teams also provides an ability for students to contact each other and break into groups with consistent access to an instructor and the ability for instructors to “jump into” a group. Brightspace is the learning platform for delivering all assignments, exams, and grades. Many classes are recorded or supplemental videos are uploaded.  Students access the videos to reinforce learning or to use for review.


Here a few favourite quotes from our survey:

“Positive love everything about it, makes life a lot easier.”

“You’re doing great! Thank you for a great semester!!!!”

“I honestly feel that I do not have any negative feedback to give.”

“The benefits of working online are that it is more accommodating.”

…and so many more!

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