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SUNTEP Saskatoon Sewing Club a Success!

By Bethani Groat and April ChiefCalf

Feb 7, 2024

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SUNTEP Saskatoon students formed a Sewing Club lead by Kristin Kalk, Culture Representative with the SRC, and April ChiefCalf, SUNTEP Faculty.  A few students expressed interest in learning to make ribbon skirts, and quickly, more students joined in. “I think everyone should know how to sew for both practical and creative purposes.” says April ChiefCalf, “Sewing can also be a great stress reliever.” 

Kristin Kalk

Students get to make special projects they can take home at the end of the year to remember their time with SUNTEP and the connections they made along the way. Brandi Tourand is a fourth-year SUNTEP student, and she says “SUNTEP’s sewing club has given me an opportunity to connect with my culture and express my creativity.” Brandi is working towards completing her first ribbon skirt in the club currently. 

Brandi Tourand

So far, students have been learning to make ribbon skirts and dog bandanas, but in the new year, they have plans to start some throw cushions and men’s ribbon shirts and vests, too. ChiefCalf has been providing some materials from her mother’s sewing stash which she inherited last year. “She taught me to sew” says ChiefCalf “now she’s part of me teaching my students to sew!” The Sewing Club is open to everyone and meets every Thursday afternoon on campus to learn basic sewing skills and connect with peers.

Cassidy McDonald


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