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Taanishi Books—Emergent Reader Series Released

Nov 19, 2014

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The Gabriel Dumont Institute is pleased to announce the publication of Taanishi Books—Emergent Reader Series.

This levelled reader set contains 27 books under 9 different themes, all relating to Métis culture.  Each book has a level from A to I, word counts, cultural connections, and a lesson plan.

Titles include:

The Sash (Level A), Time to Dance (Level D), All About the Sash (Level I), We are Métis (Level B),  Back to Batoche Days (Level E), Batoche Cheerleader (Level G), Dancing Shapes (Level B), Métis Dance Shapes (Level F), The Métis Star Dance (Level I), Bang! Beigne! (Level A), What Do You Like On Your Beignes? (Level D), Making Beignes with Kohkum (Level F), Can You See Flowers? (Level A), I Spy Flower Beadwork (Level D), Maria Beads a Flower (Level G), Yummy, Yummy in My Tummy (Level C), What’s for Lunch? (Level E), Rababoo Stew for Lunch (Level H), Squeak Squawk (Level C), Andy Learns to Fiddle (Level E), The Fiddle Competition (Level H), Where is the Métis Flag? (Level C), High in the Sky (Level G), Let’s Make a Métis Flag Pin (Level H), Where’s the Roogaroo? (Level B), Do You Believe in Roogaroos? (Level F), Is There a Roogaroo in You? (Level I)

Various pricing is available.  Online purchases can be made at www.shopmetis.ca:

A. Complete 27-Book Set $175.00
B. 9-Book Theme Sets (One book per theme, chosen from one of the three options below):
8-page Stories (Levels A-C)
12-page Stories (Levels D-G)
16-page Stories (Levels F-I)
C. 6-pack of title: $42.00 $42.00
D. Individual titles: $7.00 $7.00

For more information about this resource contact:

Ryan Nordmarken at ryan.nordmarken@gdi.gdins.org / 306.657.5715

All ordering inquiries should be directed to:

The Gabriel Dumont Institute
2-604 22nd Street West
Saskatoon, SK S7M 5W1
306.934.4941 (T)   306.244.0252 (F)

Taanishi Books

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