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What is MyFoundationsLab?

Dec 16, 2016

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By Kristi Ross

Suppose a client completes Diagnostic Accuplacer testing and has not successfully reached Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission benchmarks. The client would then be asked to do MyFoundationsLab; which is an integrated set of online resources in developmental reading, math, and writing. The program provides a complete leaning environment where the client (or anyone else for that matter), can improve their study skills as they develop their reading, math, and writing.

MyFoundationsLab has a time frame of six months but our hope is that the clients would be able to complete it sooner so they can be eligible for a retest if necessary. It is important to know that a client cannot retest until all the work is completed and a progress report is printed and attached to his or her scores.

Like Accuplacer, MyFoundationsLab enables learners to build and become successful in each of the domains. Each domain has approximately eight questions per section and it provides Dumont Technical Institute and the client with a level score between one and 15. It also provides proficiency statements so the clients know exactly what they will be working on.

MyFoundationsLab is based on the performance on the diagnostic test they previously wrote. It then generates a personalized learning path for the learners from their results. The learning system is strictly mapped based on what the client knows. It offers various individualized learning paths each offering tutorial, instruction, and practice with feedback from the Testing Services Coordinator. It is ideal for learners of various levels and ages. The MyFoundationsLab allows clients to work at their own pace on any computer with an internet connection. It is available 24/7 and has detailed reporting tools which allows the client and Dumont Technical Institute to monitor the progress of our clients.

In the month of November, we delivered 20 General Educational Development (GED) exams in our Saskatoon Location. As well, we traveled to Lloydminster to deliver the first series of tests for the GED prep course using our Mobile Testing Unit. We also administered two Accuplacer tests during the month.

For further information, please contact Kristi Ross, the Testing Services Coordinator, at

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