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When a Community Comes Together

May 14, 2018

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By Nichole McCloud

Adult Basic Education Level 4 students at the Dumont Technical Institute Lloydminster program have been working efficaciously to collect enough donations in support of our graduation scheduled for May 2018. In this effort, the outpouring support from our community has been astounding. It is thanks to our community that in one short month since we started on this fundraising endeavor, we are close to meeting our original target of $2,000. The students, all of whom are very motivated, have come up with many intriguing ways to engage with our community and accomplish our fundraising goals.

Together, our class has brainstormed some pretty impressive and simple ways to successfully fundraise for our graduation. One of the first projects we came up with was to organize a bottle drive which incredibly ended in us raising hundreds of dollars towards our final goal. Another interesting project was for our students to sell individual boxes of chocolates to our friends, family, and the community. Our aim was to sell 26 cases of chocolates which we were able to accomplish in less than one month adding enormously to our graduation pool. One of the most fun and rewarding projects we initiated as a class was putting on a Pie Bingo. Thanks to the Native Friendship Center for hosting the bingo night, and the tremendous amount of desserts and pies that were donated by our students, families, and faculty, the Pie Bingo was a success. It was an incredible experience seeing our community come together and participate at an event like this. It was absolutely amazing being able to see all of the different generations of families, young and old, having fun together and taking part in this fundraising activity. It was definitely entertaining for everyone involved.

Other than the many generous individual donations from our community, the local Co-op has also been very supportive. It is because of the Co-op that we were able to sell so many raffle tickets for our Easter gift basket draw while simultaneously selling cases of chocolates to the community. In the coming weeks, we hope to raise more money by selling raffle tickets for our Mothers, Day gift basket and square’s raffle. We are also organising another bottle drive that will last until the end of the school term.

Were it not for a select group of dedicated and determined students who orchestrated and organized each one of these events, our fundraising goals could not have been met. It is undoubtedly because of these motivated individuals that our entire class will get to experience first hand what an amazing graduation feels like. I am very grateful to have had such hard working, inspirational classmates to share my graduating year with. This past year has been so memorable and unforgettable in many ways. My classmates and I are extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to take part in this program and are excited to see what the next chapter of our lives will look like after graduation.

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