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Apprenticeship Subsidy

This program is designed to assist Aboriginal individuals secure apprenticeship positions with employers to help them develop marketable skills and experience, with the goal of earning journeyperson status.

The Apprenticeship Subsidy Program provides employers with a wage subsidy to hire Aboriginal individuals for full time employment for a maximum of 52 weeks. The objective of this program is to give priority to Aboriginal individuals who have not made the transition into the labour market, do not have any work experience or not enough career-related experience, or who have a barrier impeding them from moving into employment.


  1. Be an Aboriginal person;
  2. Be a minimum of 18 years of age;
  3. Have barriers to employment that prevent you from securing long term employment;
  4. Be unemployed of underemployed and actively seeking employment;
  5. Have a genuine interest in working in the trades; and
  6. Must meet the eligibility requirements for registering as an apprentice in the appropriate designation.

The Apprenticeship Office

The goals of the Apprenticeship Office are to increase Aboriginal Peoples participation in apprenticeship and trade-related employment, initiate and develop partnerships within industry, and support both employer and apprentice though to journeyperson status.

In addition to the Apprenticeship Subsidy Program, we also help apprentices find an employer willing to train and supervise him or her, offer job coaching and follow-up, and provide employers access to an Aboriginal employment pool.

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