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Individual Sponsorship Program

Are you searching for your dream job; looking into university, apprenticeship, trades, or college; or still undecided about your post-secondary goals?

Gabriel Dumont Institute Training and Employment offers many options for Métis individuals who are looking for assistance and guidance on their path to meaningful employment.

The goal of the Individual Sponsorship Program is to help Métis clients prepare for the workforce, and obtain and maintain long-term, quality employment. GDI Training and Employment directly sponsors individuals to attend training programs through ISP funding.

Programs must be student loan eligible or industry recognized. Costs eligible for funding may include income support, client travel, living away from home allowance, day care reimbursement, special needs, tuition, books, supplies, and employment transition.


To receive GDI Training and Employment funding under ISP, you must:

  1. Be a Métis person;
  2. Be a minimum of 18 years of age or meet minimum requirements of chosen training program (clients 15-17 years of age may be considered for youth-at-risk programming);
  3. Have barriers to employment that prevent you from securing long-term employment; and
  4. Be unemployed or underemployed and actively seeking employment.


Métis individuals interested in participating in this program should contact GDI Training and Employment to set up an appointment with an employment counselor at the location nearest them. GDI Training and Employment requires 60 days to review and approve funding requests.

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