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Employment Support Services

GDI Training and Employment offers a number of employment support services at our 11 service locations around the province. Find the GDI Training and Employment service centre near you.


Want to know what Saskatchewan’s present or future job market looks like? Need to update your resume? Walk-in services include current labour market information, job boards, job postings, and a computer, fax machine, and copier for updating resumes.


Employment counselors are available on a drop-in basis to assist clients along their path to finding employment. Whether you just have a few questions, or want in-depth help, an employment counselor can help.

Counselors help clients focus in on their immediate, long term, and employment goals. The counseling process helps clients identify barriers to employment, and helps them create action steps to achieve their goals.

Action plans based on the client’s goals and barriers include steps like writing a resume, gaining post-secondary education, finding employer contacts, finding daycare, or obtaining a driver’s license. Some of these steps GDI can help with directly.


Sometimes the best way to learn about how to gain employment is through a hands-on approach. Our service locations offer a number of workshops, including the always popular resume workshop.

At the resume workshop, clients learn about the different kinds of resumes, and receive help building their own resume and cover letter. The resume built during the workshop is also reviewed and edited. Participants leave with a complete resume, ready to be submitted.

While workshops vary widely between service locations, a few others include:

  • Career Cruising: review the Career Cruising website, and see the different features including completing a career assessment that will produce their top 40 best-suited options.
  • Interview workshops: learn about interview techniques, the do’s and don’ts of interviewing, and participate in mock interviews.
  • Youth workers readiness certificate programs: learn all areas of a job, write an exam, and receive a certificate deeming them able to enter the workforce.
  • Scholarship workshops: learn about scholarships and how to apply.
  • GDI information workshops
  • “Misconception” training
  • Job Club
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