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Métis Nation University Sponsorship Program

The 2021-2026 Métis Nation University Sponsorship Program aims to assist Métis students to close the education gap by attending accredited University level programming. This program is funded by the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan and administered by the Gabriel Dumont Institute until March 31, 2026. Students are selected using a blind adjudication process and ranked on criteria to meet Métis Nation-Saskatchewan priority areas.

Selection Eligibility (2024-25)

To be eligible, students must:
be a registered Métis Nation-Saskatchewan citizen, or have an application in progress with the MN-S Citizenship Registry.  Click here for details on how to apply for Métis Nation – Saskatchewan citizenship
be attending full-time University level programming (3 classes per term or more — or having course reduction accommodations in place); part-time enrolment may be considered pending funding.
be applying for sponsorship for 2024-25 Academic year (August 2024 to August 2025)

Métis Nation—Saskatchewan has set priorities for 2024-25

Priority Order for Sponsorship Allocation
Below are the key areas of impact MN-S has identified that align most with MN-S goals. Labour market needs, future trends within our Métis government, and societal impact were considered when choosing the priorities. Funding is limited, and not all students may be approved for sponsorship. Sponsorship will be allocated as follows:

  1. Full-time undergraduate/bachelor’s degree students in tuitioned (student-paid) programs.
  1. Graduate/master’s degree. Workforce competitiveness was considered for graduate/master’s degree as a priority #2. As the job market becomes more competitive, employers increasingly seek candidates with advanced degrees for specialized roles, leadership positions and areas requiring in depth expertise.
  1. Full-time undergraduate/bachelor’s degree students in tuition-free programs.
  1. Professional studies.
  1. Postgraduate/doctoral degree.

Meeting the eligibility requirements and priority order does not guarantee approval.

Applications for 2024-25 CLOSED AT 11:59PM July 1, 2024

Applicants will be contacted by the USponsorship Team by August 9th, 2024 with the results of their application.

If you have any questions please email usponsorship@gdins.org.

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