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GDI is committed to the publication and development of Métis-specific cultural, literary, and educational resources for Métis children, youth, adults, and the non-Aboriginal community. Through this focus, the institute is also able to produce Michif-language resources for the K-12 system and the Métis community.

Since 1980, GDI’s Culture and Heritage Department has produced more than 200 literary, cultural, and educational resources in print, audio, visual, and multi-media formats.

In 2015, GDI created a new entity, Gabriel Dumont Institute Press (GDI Press), which focuses solely on book production.

GDI Press is the only Canadian publisher that exclusively publishes Métis authors and illustrators and/or themes in a wide range of genres—illustrated children’s books, graphic novels, prose and poetry books, juvenile and adult non-fiction trade, and academic books.  Our eclectic Métis-centered books promote literacy and Métis history and culture for young readers.  They also ensure the intergenerational transmission of Métis history, culture, and worldview.

The Press has had a great deal of success in publishing books and has received a great deal of critical acclaim, and has won numerous awards.


Gabriel Dumont Institue

GDI is a Saskatchewan-based educational, employment and cultural institute serving Métis across the province

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